Dr. Popa                                                        Dr. Jicha

Drs. John J. Jicha and Dianna L. Popa Jicha were both born and raised in Northeastern Ohio.  They met at Optometry College while at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  After receiving their doctorates, Dr. Jicha pursued a residency at the Cleveland, Ohio Veterans Administration, while Dr. Popa taught as a Clinical Instructor at the Optometry College.  She then completed a Pediatric & Binocular Vision residency at The Eye Institute in Philadelphia.  After working in Northeast Ohio, they accepted an opportunity in NC and moved to High Point in 1993.

Dr. Jicha's optometric interests include general care, contact lenses, and eye injury treatment.  Dr. Popa enjoys seeing the younger patients and the "kids at heart."

Outside the office, Dr. Jicha enjoys doing his own landscaping, golfing, and watching The Ohio State Buckeyes' football.  Dr. Popa enjoys being "Miss Dianna" to the neighborhood kids and researching family history.  They attend Friendly Hills Church and are thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to serve others.

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